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How to Maintain the Engine belt



        How to Maintain the Engine belt

In front of the engine a few roots belts, each belt must assume an important role. In the engine, via a belt drive to drive various auxiliary operation, e.g. an air conditioner compressor, power steering pump, alternator, etc. If the belt breaks, or there has been slippage would lead to loss of function associated auxiliary or decrease its performance, thus affecting the normal use of the car.


The method is simple to check the belt. First check the belt tension, then you can use your thumb, strongly pressed two middle belt pulley. Press the pressure is about 10kg, if the reduction of the belt around 10mm, it is considered appropriate to knock belt tension. If excessive pressure is considered insufficient belt tension. If the belt reduction hardly occurs, it is considered excessive belt tension. Insufficient tension, the belt is prone to slipping. Tension is too large, it is easy to damage a variety of auxiliary bearings. To this end, should be related to loosen the adjusting nut or bolt, adjust the belt tension to the best state.


In addition, you must also pay attention to the wear of the belt. Old belt badly worn, the belt and pulley contact area plummeted. Then as long as the force of a pressure belt, belt pulley on the deeply sunk into the groove. There is a belt of rubber aging problem, if serious aging of rubber belt, the belt must be replaced in a timely manner.


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